Last updated: January 23 2007 09:40:53
Task 2.1 Coordination of e-Infrastructure: Operation Management Team  

Coordination Management

The support of the Grid testbed starts with a detailed analysis of the status of the art both in Europe and in Latin America and is followed by the launch of the pilot infrastructure under supervision and guidance of this task.

The Coordination Management will track the coordination of the three support tasks (Task 2.2 - Certification Authorities and Virtual Organizations, Task 2.3 - Pilot Testbed Operations, and Task 2.4 - Network Support and Operation). A Pilot Testbed Operation Management Team will be responsible for analyzing prospective local Grid initiatives wanting to feed on the know-how disseminated by the team responsible for identifying and analyzing Latin-American Grid initiatives that could profit from the know-how available from the EELA partners. Deliverables will provide both guidance and reports on the operational policy of the Testbed, including in particular statistics about coverage of services and usage.

The coordination with other Grid initiatives will also be the objective of the Coordination Management, which will be administered by UFRJ with the support of CSIC, CERN, LIP, UFF, REUNA, CLARA, RED.ES and CIEMAT.



EELA task2.1 structure

  • Provide a coherent coordination among the Work Package 2 support tasks (2.2, 2.3 and 2.4);

  • Identify prospective sites amongst partners and other Grid initiatives across LA and SW Europe.